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Are you fed up with dating losers?  Nothing ages a girl faster than having to be “Mommy” in a relationship to a guy her own age, who doesn’t appreciate her and refuses to grow up.  It may sound like a harsh judgement of young men – but it’s sadly proven to be the norm for many young ladies, who end up frustrated and cynical about modern dating.

If you’re fed up of having to date “boys” who won’t get it together, who are happy living with roomies, working a dead-end job, drinking and gaming away their free time, and who don’t appreciate you or even their own selves then you might be interested in sugar baby and daddy sites.  At DaddyDesire we know that finding a successful benefactor is all a girl needs to open her eyes to the night-and-day difference between dating boys, and dating a real man.

Money is the biggest difference, and obviously has the biggest allure for a sugar-in-training, but have you considered these other reasons sugar baby dating is a superior choice?

Wealthy sugar daddies don’t have roomies! You can focus on each other and enjoy sensuous privacy – in luxury!  His money means you’ll experience mutually beneficial intimacy in stunning locations, wherever and whenever he chooses.  With a wealth of opportunities available, you will be able to step up into a world of beauty, culture, pleasure and self improvement that means you can always be your best and brightest self.
He doesn’t want a mom; he’s seeking a beautiful playmate!  You won’t be old before your time in a relationship with a wealthy man; on the contrary, he will adore your youth – your playfulness will be the antidote he craves to the burden of responsibility he has in his business life.  Of course, you’ll need to fit right in with the quality he has come to expect in all aspects of his life – so accept the exclusive gym and spa membership, fine jewellery, designer clothing and accessories, and many other expensive gifts with a smile. This is no time for feminist rhetoric – you aren’t less because he funds you, you’re valued! He sees you as an investment and will expect you to maintain your inner and outer beauty with the luxurious means he provides. Get used to it.
Sugar Daddies are sexperts.  Really!  How many boys do you know who spend time refining their bedroom skills?  A wealthy man loves quality and prefers it to quantity – “pump ‘n dump” is strictly the rule for boys who are drowning in an ocean of available girls.  Of course, you should meet quality with quality if you want to win the heart of a wealthy man 😉

It’s a no-brainer! If you weren’t looking for a rich man I bet you are now 😉

Best Sugar Daddy Websites

review of sugar daddy meet


A truly exclusive(and also the largest sugar daddy website) for exceptional Sugar Daddies and Sweet Sugars who love it when the hot spark of passion leads to a fairy-tale romance!

review of seekingarrangement


Seductive, forbidden – Seeking Arrangement is the best place for Naughty Sugars who want to be a millionaires expensive plaything! He might have secret s- he might be free, but he chooses you.. For now! Can you tempt him for bigger rewards?

review of sugardaddie


Anything goes here! This is the best place to get a taste of sugar daddy dating – it’s just so busy, and has a great mix of Daddies and Sugars as members. Why commit to just one? 😉

Tell Me How To Find A Sugar Daddy?

Pretty please?  Well, since you asked nicely… you’ll need a few good sugar daddy sites, because they are a safe way to meet these fabulous men for a mutually beneficial relationship, and also to specify exactly what level of “arrangement” you want, from casual indulgent treats to full-on luxurious marriage, and everything in-between.  Some of the men might want a sexy and discreet affair, so be sure what you’re comfy with.
There are literally dozens of sugar daddy websites(with millions of profiles) but as is the rule, only a few are considered the Elite.  Don’t waste time on lesser sites, because you’ll be disappointed, scammed or worse; DaddyDesire endorsed sites are hands down THE best matching sites for sugar babies of all shapes and sizes to meet rich men.. and the men who use our online dating sites swear by the quality of beautiful women!  Sign up today on one of our great sites – write your profile and it’s that easy.  You’ll love it, I promise.

Are They REALLY The Best Sugar Daddy Sites?

“Why are they?  I don’t want to mess this up and destroy my life! 🙁 But… I need a sugar daddy….” Oh sweetpea, I know.  It’s scary and new when you need to step out of your comfort zone, but that’s how the best successes are born! Let me put it this way: There’s a whole lot of bull written about sugar baby and daddy websites.  There’s a whole lot of bull written about girls too, especially cute ones, and smart ones, and well, all women, and you know why?  Jealousy!  Some people get hateful when they see others “win” and it makes them feel bad about themselves.
I don’t want you to mess up!  I know all too well how making the wrong choices can be disastrous, so DaddyDesire is meant to make things easier for other sugar babies (and Daddies!) to find what they want, when they want it, with no runaround.  What you’ll find on DaddyDesire are the few sites I consider to be foolproof.  The elite, no mistake, best online sugar daddy websites.  Read the reviews and learn more about each site; but make your choice in the knowledge that by choosing one of them, you are maximizing your sugar game. x