We are a loving couple who met through the sugar daddy dating scene, and want to help people understand the truth about this kind of relationship, why it is often better than regular dating, and hopefully help other Daddies and Sugars find their own happiness.  Society takes a dim view of this type of relationship, and demonizes it using moral outrage.  We want to offer you an insider perspective and show why it is beneficial, longer-lasting and just as valid as any other style of dating.  It’s mostly gonna be me, Rebecca (waves “hello!”) writing on Daddydesire.review, but Theo will contribute here and there when he has time, and when he deems it relevant.  So we hope that Daddydesire.review will give some unique insight from the perspective of both sugar and Daddy!

Let’s bust a few myths!

Older men who have spent their lives in the pursuit of success and wealth, are incredibly discerning when it comes to women. They will pay enormous sums for true quality in every area of life – including companionship.  Powerful men especially value discretion and understand that their generosity guarantees this – money talks, but a satisfied servant stays loyal.

Financial worries are a huge strain on any relationship, but this is of no concern to a sugar daddy and his sugar baby!  For them, dating is much more enjoyable as both people can focus on pleasure without limitations.

A young woman who chooses to date wealthy older men has a unique opportunity to enjoy her life and youth, and explore things which would otherwise be out of reach to her if she was struggling financially (as is the socially-accepted way!).  She can enjoy learning about art; culture; the art of companionship – honing her personality and mind, while taking care of her body..  all things beyond the reach in both time and money of girls who are busy working to survive.

Older men have maturity and confidence.  A sugar baby will never feel frustrated with her “Daddy” like she would dating a guy her own age; young guys come with 101 problems.. roommates, childishness, immaturity and laziness, anyone?

Sex is the deciding factor:  Older men don’t often find women their age who can please them, because menopause makes women lose interest in both their sexuality and their appearance.  Men are visually oriented when it comes to love, desire and sex.  Men who maintain good health can be virile into their 80s and beyond, so it’s easy to see how same age dating becomes a recipe for disaster..

.. unless he can attract a young woman who is totally into him!  Sex is incredibly important to men, and something they will pay top dollar for if they have the means.  So ladies, why keep struggling with socially-imposed ethics and immature, unsatisfying, cheap “boys”?

-Rebecca, 22


Rebecca has pretty much said it all, but I feel that I can add in something here for men reading this.  Young men- Beckie’s words might sound mean but you should take it as a learning opportunity.  I was the same at your age – I didn’t value girls as much as I should have.  I spent a lot of time growing my resort hotels and now I have a wonderful girl to share my life with.  Money isn’t everything but it helps grease the wheels!  You CAN build a good life, and find a great girl, but you need to start now – life your best life every day – improve yourself, body and mind, whatever your financial state.  You’ll thank me.

Fellow “Daddies” – You won’t find better sites than those my dear, sweet princess has added to her reviews.  In terms of quality, they are the top-tier few – great girls, a wonderful atmosphere, and a great place to find exactly what you want from a quick fling to a loyal wife.  Choose a sugar baby, and you’re choosing a girl who you can nurture into a perfect companion, however long you want her for.  That’s a pretty sweet deal worth paying for.  I’m 59 and Beckie makes me feel half my age, especially in the bedroom.