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Confession time! is a super-fun dating site that we both had profiles on, though we didn’t cross paths back then.  It’s amazing!  It’s got such a vibrant, flirty feel from the start, so you won’t have any trouble getting dates right away, because they have members all over the place.  And, somehow, this site seems to naturally attract super-cute sugars who are still lil girls at heart, so the Daddies there are incredibly protective and generous!


It’s a great place to visit if you’re new to the scene or if you’re a regular who wants to dive back in, because it’s just so busy, like a real club!  One really nice touch is how easy it is to chat on sugardaddie, and I noticed too that a lot of Daddies would pay a girl just to chat with them.  I really like talking and I’d spend a few happy hours flirting with Daddies all over the country who sent me gift cards for my favorite stores or treats from my Amazon wishlist in return.

There’s so much potential here for every kind of sugar dating arrangement so it’s impossible to really put in a box, but I guess you’ll need to join and see for yourself what makes it different.  It’s exciting for sure, but also chill.  Money is very obviously there and part of the scene, but it’s a given, and it’s not awkward so if you do have any hangups about wealthy dating, you’ll soon forget about it here!  It’s just part of the furniture, haha!

Honestly, we both miss the place because for easy dates that are truly fun and luxurious you can’t get much better.  If you ARE looking for something specific, like marriage or a discreet affair, or something kinky it’s easy to use search filters and zero in on someone who has the money and the desire you want.  Otherwise, there’s a lot of “let’s see what happens” which can be frustrating if you aren’t on the same page with commitment, but it shouldn’t worry you because there are very many more rich fish in that sea 😉
Rumor has it that some rather well-known names have member profiles.. but discretion is always super-important when you date a sugar daddy so that’s gonna stay a rumor 😉

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  1. OMG! Im so excited. I read on how daddies send gift cards. And it’s a good thing I did, because I got a bunch of gift cards to my favorite clothing stores just for messaging with guys on this site. I’m on a hunt for the perfect sugar daddy for me and have 4 dates lined up at top restaurants. One gent is flying me to San Fran on his private plane for lunch. And if we get on, hes taking me to Tokyo on his business trip next month. A GF of mine who uses this site is moving in with her SD. He treats her like a queen. I have a great feeling about my upcoming dates. I know I’m going to find the perfect SD for me.

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