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SeekingArrangement is a fantastic matching site for sugar baby dating, and great for girls who want a little more security. You will meet wealthy men who are looking for a little more continuity and more regular meetups with a girl they can spoil in an ongoing arrangement.  This was the first one of the sugar baby sites to become well-known and I (Beckie) had relationships with two wonderful men I met here!  Well, they weren’t as wonderful as Theo but, they did take good care of me in so many lovely ways!  The first paid rent on a lovely apartment for me so I didn’t have to suck up roommate life anymore and so he had somewhere to enjoy our secret trysts (he was married – oops naughty me!).

Basically, I got to go to college without getting into debt thanks to man #2 who also gifted me top rack spa and gym membership so I could take care of my looks as well!  I got lucky, for sure with a great education and keeping healthy and attractive..  something many other young women have to choose between because of money!  We had some great dates and it was a fun time for me, and him.

SeekingArrangement exemplifies the classy aspects of rich men dating, and this was defo very apparent to me! The men I dated helped me to become the well-rounded and educated young girl I am today, and I have self-respect that I would have lost dating guys my age and dealing with their problems.  My friend’s self-esteem was ruined by dating immature, insecure young men, which spoke volumes to me about my own choice to enjoy older, secure men.. it was the right one.

This is an elite site for finding a sugar daddy, with excellent profiles, secure, discreet interface and the sheer number and quality of members. It’s so easy to join and get talking, and there is no game-playing…  everyone just wants to meet and begin the relationship IRL.  It’s got a great mix of people who want to find all sorts of dating or commitment; casual dating, through to long term, or marriage-minded people.

But, what brings everyone on SeekingArrangement together is they all LOVE the finer things in life and appreciate quality.  The men are willing to spend a lot of money to get the experiences and dates that captivate them.. and the girls compete to show they are worthy with their enticing qualities, and youthful, attractive, sexy, attentive companionship.  You will defo find the beautiful people you crave here.. beautiful in every sense of the word.  You’ll get relationships and dating based on fun, enjoyment and exploration, with none of the stress, and money struggles that cause so much drama in the lives of ordinary people.

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2 Reviews to “SeekingArrangement”

  1. My sugar daddy from SA spends $$$$$ to keep me looking young and gorgeous. He just divorced and he and I are now exclusive. We’re moving into a gorgeous huge lake front house together. I love the red corvette he bought me to celebrate his divorce. He’s very romantic. He writes me poems and brings me flowers. He’s a beautiful man inside and out. He loves to cook for me and fills my life with romance, joy and love. We’re best friends. I feel like I hit the lottery.

  2. I was one of those people who frowned on sugar daddy set ups. I thought dating, sex and marriage should be for love. God was I stupid! Love ends, love changes. Relationships end, or you wish they’d end. Afterwards, you’re left heartbroken and disillusioned. And in my case, I’d end up more broke then before the relationship. This SA site opened my eyes. Sugar daddy sugar baby is such a better arrangement. It’s a caring, mutually beneficial, respectful and loving arrangement based on honor, integrity, where both get their needs met and more. If it ends, I will be much better off for having been with this man. Thank you Seeking Arrangement for looking out for us ladies.

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