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This is the rich men dating site where we met!  Millionaire-Match has a fun, flirty and informal atmosphere that supports connecting on an intimate level, so you can meet the right person for you, and connect on things that make you unique as a person.  You can easily find fun, luxurious dates that have the chance of leading to something. This is a star among sugar baby dating sites, particularly as it has a matching system that brings you the matches you  share sexual chemistry with, and the same mindset with about money and so many other aspects of luxury living.

We felt something between us from the first date in Malibu, although we didn’t begin to date exclusively for several months. That initial spark of attraction and friendship led to intimate, flirty chat, and highly-charged meetups.  It gave us a great foundation for a love that deepened over time.  Theo and I are very generous people in so many ways and we love to share our time, spirit and money with others, but shockingly this is not unusual on Millionaire-Match!  That must be why MM is so successful and fulfilling for those who choose it as their home-base for sugar daddy dating.

Millionaire-Match combines a busy atmosphere with a sexy, discreet, classy and friendly feel.  Members are unashamedly open about their desires, both monetary and sexual!  They’re very open about everything, so there’s no hidden surprises. It’s the passionate nature of this site that really wows, and we are forever grateful for it bringing us together.

This is such a fun site to explore, whether you’re a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, new-to-the-scene, or experienced, because it has every kind of sugar dating you could ever want and it’s tied up in a discreet bow!

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